Microfiber Double Bed Mattress Protector (Maroon, 72 x 78-inch), Quilted King Size

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Mattress Protectors offer protection against dust mites, fluids, urine, perspiration and allergens making them especially helpful for those with kids, pets, allergies or incontinence. As we sleep we shed thousands of dead skin cells, which can quickly accumulate providing an ideal environment for dust mites. Our mattress protectors trap dust mites, allergens and skin cells on the surface of the protector where they can be easily washed away during suggested quarterly laundering. This helps to provide a cleaner more allergen free sleep environment for you and your family. To keep our protectors cool and noiseless, the surface material is made with soft cotton. Cotton naturally absorbs moisture and is completely noiseless. To ensure a great fit, an elastic band is used on the side skirt to automatically pull excess material under the mattress. Machine-wash with your sheets using normal household detergents that do not contain bleach. Do not iron. Our mattress protectors will not change the feel of your mattress. This is great for those with any type of mattress including innerspring, latex or memory foam.